‘The Game-Changer……….’ – KB Hill

KB Hill is a seemingly endless source of heart-warming stories about local sportspeople who have really given it a crack! In this latest edition, KB tells us about Michael Newton, a man with an extensive sporting CV. (Great stuff! – Ed.)

Oh Brother, thou-est see-est some victories (or Yvette and Andre, part 3)

Yvette Wroby and her brother, Andre, decided to watch their boys play Carlton after all. How happy were they with that decision? Happy enpugh to sing the song four times.

VFL: Collingwood v Sandringham

Pictures by Shane Goss www.licoricegallery.com Action from the VFL clash Collingwood v Sandy.

We won….

Well, Sandringham Zebras won today against Collingwood seconds, and I’ll take that, thanks very much indeed.  My last Almanac offering started an email conversation and coaching panel between another Almanacker and Saints supporter and sufferer, DD and myself. He let me know he’s a regular follower of Sandringham, so gets to see the young players [Read more]