Round 23 – St Kilda v North Melbourne: Sad to end the season but hope for 2019 – not only for Saints but also for Caulfield Bears

Yoshi reviews the Saints loss against the Roos, and recalls some of his wonderful experiences this season.

Round 23 – St. Kilda v North Melbourne: The Saints’ season from hell finally comes to an end against high jumping Kangaroos

For Braham Dabscheck, the Saints’ season from hell has finally come to an end.

Round 22- St.Kilda v Hawthorn: Saints put in a good one but miss out in a cliff hanger against the Hawks

Although St Kilda fell short by a few points in their match against the Hawks, Braham has gained some confidence by their improved performance hoping it is a good indicator for next season.

Round 17 – St Kilda v Carlton: Great Win Beating Others

Yoshi is excited by the Saints victory over the Blues even though he missed the live broadcast!

Round 22 – St Kilda v North Melbourne: Saints prevail over Kangaroos in Saint Nick’s last home game

Nick Riewoldt’s last home game was a success as St Kilda kept their slim finals hopes alive with a comfortable win over the fledgling North Melbourne.

Round 18 – Sydney v St Kilda: Sinful Saints slide sideways (or maybe downwards) against Swans in Sin City

Braham Dabscheck could only watch on in pain as St Kilda barely managed to get the ball into their forward 50; while Sydney surge to the finals.

Round 17 – St. Kilda v Essendon: No Escargot, Baguettes Or Croissants For Saints On Bastille Day

Le Revolution is kaput! The myth of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite promulgated by the propaganda machine of the footy moguls has been exposed once again by Braham Dabscheck for the lie it is, always has been and always will be. The Terror was unleashed on the Saints on Bastille Day by Robespierre with  his pseudonym from the west ‘Woosha’, Danton who incorrectly spells his name as Daniher, which is apparently heredity and the Oxymoron St. Just; as if justice has ever been part of footy! Is there no better demonstration of this than the 2009 and 2010 Grand Finals? Braham rests his case in this entertaining account.

Round 15 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Saints beat Michael Walters and 21 other Dockers in a nailbiter

Michael Walters almost singlehandedly got the Dockers over the line, but the Saints hard work and determination were too much for the men in purple.

Round 8 – St Kilda v Carlton: Saints Jump Over Blue Hurdle Under Roofless Dome

With a high degree of tension and anxiety from start to finish for all concerned, the Saints played the Blues under the roofless dome.

Launch of ‘Siren’s Call’ a great success

John Harms launched Yvette Wroby’s memoir ‘Siren’s Call’ at the St Kilda RSL on Thursday night and it was a blast. Lots of food, and people and footy players present. Yvette is still floating all through Friday. Now for a Saints win tomorrow and the week is perfect.

Round 7 – St. Kilda v Greater Western Sydney: One Small Step For Footy, One GIANT Leap For Saintkind

For Saints’ fans their win over the Giants was like landing on the moon: One small step for footy, one GIANT leap for Saintkind. Saints’ fans have only ever been over the moon once, way back in 1966 and Braham has a feeling another landing is not too far away!

St Kilda Season Review: Great team works and thanks to Rooey

For Yoshi, the Saints 2016 season was better than expected but would like to see some areas in their game improved.

Round 4 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: A win in my eyes

Though the Saints fell a few points short on Saturday, their fast, aggressive style not only challenged the Hawks to the end but put a big smile on devoted supporter Yvette Wroby.

Round 21 – St Kilda v Geelong: When a draw is as good as a win, when a ball goes astray in the last

The celebration was missing on the field, but the Saints’ draw with the Cats was exhilarating on so many levels, Yvette Wroby writes.

Round 17 – Melbourne v St. Kilda: Saints Out Tackle Demons Inside 50 (46 Points Actually!)

Not so much the Carl Ditterich Cup, but a “[fight] for the coveted 13th spot on the ladder…” (Braham Dabscheck’s words, not ours!) On a day for the footy purists, St Kilda’s continued development takes another step forward at the ‘G.

Round 14 – Essendon v St Kilda: It’s raining goals, hallelujah

Yvette Wroby mixes the sadness of the loss of Phil Walsh with the joy of the fellowship she finds in the St Kilda supporting fraternity. And with a record-breaking win over the Dons, there was much joy and singing to be had at the Docklands.

Dawn and those mad Sainters

by Yvette Wroby There’s no shortage of crazies at the St.Kilda Football Club.  This was proven when 1000+ Saints fans and members rocked up to the St.Kilda Beach front at 5 am Tuesday 8th November for an advertising shoot for 2012 Membership Drive.  At 6.30 am, another group was waiting at Frankston beach, and at [Read more]