SANFL – West Adelaide FC: Great players and the mid-season draft effects

West Adelaide FC Life Member and Past President Lee Harradine reminisces upon some of the great players who have played for the Bloods and gone on to play AFL football. He also comments upon the effects of the mid-season draft for his club.

Almanac Footy Teams – Political Football

Who’d you vote for? Andrew Gaylard has come with a footy team of leaders who have been either Prime Minister or President of their country.

Thanks Fishion Chips

Yoshi transitions into the next phase of his life as Sam “chips” Fisher calls time with the Saints.

Round 2 – Gold Coast Suns v St Kilda: Unexpected Blessings

Yvette Wroby joins the traveling hordes of Saints die-hards on their pilgrimage to Metricon. The Saints get the points in style and Yvette takes a moment to appreciate a raft of blessings; family and football.

Round 2 – Gold Coast v St Kilda: Thirty minutes of Heaven, and then some more.

A rather thrilled Braham Dabscheck thinks this win at the Gold Coast may mean more than others. It certainly gave Saints fans a quarter of sheer joy – the second – and the feeling did not subside.