Almanac Footy: The game is not the same!

With Citrus Bob Utber spending a few days relaxing down at Moggs Creek, he was able to attend two footy matches on the one day. One match involved country footy at its best, and the other match left a lot to be desired.

Almanac Teams: Greatest Number 5s

Phil Dimitriadis brings up his fifth numeric side, another ripper. He welcomes any further suggestions.

Almanac Books: Champions All extract – Grand Finals 2000s

Champions All is finally out. 700 pages of punchy stories from 171 legends of the game over 8 decades of AFL/VFL footy. Today’s extract has players discussing the Grand Finals in the 2000s.

Peerless Pebbles: A Tribute to Ryan O’Keefe

Joe Moore pays homage to Ryan O’Keefe a footballer universally admired for his skill, toughness and fairness. Joe reckons he’s the heart of the modern Bloods. Add your own tribute.

Career not yet over for O’Keefe

Is Ryan O’Keefe’s senior career over? Jackson Clark thinks not.

AFL Round 8 – Sydney v Fremantle: Kirky’s homecoming

The Premiership quarter was the Turnover quarter for the red and white, writes Mathilde de Hauteclocque, who was forced to turn to the Footy Record for entertainment during dour periods of the game.

AFL Grand Final: Betting on O’Keefe

    Roland and I are walking through our small town between bouts of sideways rain, doing it easy. I’ve just cut a load of wood to pay for my grog over the Grand Final weekend. We slip into the tavern to be warm for the length of a lazy traveller. “Give me your iThingie,” [Read more]