Almanac Rugby – Bledisloe 1: ‘Rennie-sance’

Brian the Ruminator presents his thoughts about the Wallabies sterling performance against the All-Blacks in their recent Bledisloe Cup Test match, the first with new coach Dave Rennie.

Advice to innocents Down South regarding the terminology of footer

John Harms prefers accuracy in the language which describes football codes and offers a basic explanation for those Southerners who are struggling.

Super Rugby 2020: Round 1 Ruminations

It’s early into 2020 and we have the first of the football codes’ competitions underway – Super Rugby. Brian the Ruminator is on deck to breakdown the games of each round and attempt to untangle the state of the game of Rugby Union.

Almanac Rugby League – European Rugby League: Serbia hosts U/19s championship

Damian Roache is in Serbia for the European Rugby League U/19 Championship, soaking up the opportunity to meet more people in the game from around the world and experiencing different stadiums all while watching the game’s international rising stars.

Almanac Rugby League – Retrospective: An event to mark the 20th anniversary of the Tom Brock Lecture

This year marks the 20th year of The Annual Tom Brock Lecture. An event not to be missed for any rugby fan on Wednesday September 19 at Club York, 99 York Street, Sydney.

Almanac Olympics: Gold Medal Recriminations

Robbo wants to see a greater focus on grass roots participation for Olympic campaigns and change the Golf and Tennis classification while you are at it.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 26/6/16

All the sporting results from this weekend that are fit to print

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 12/6/16

All the weekend sporting results fit to print

The SMD (Selfie of Mass Destruction)

Robbo with a thought-provoking and insightful piece on life and the roles of individual, collective and the individual within the collective. Within this, the selfie is “like nuclear power…”

Almanac Rugby: Hands Up If You Saw a Wallaby Flanker Put an Argentinian Merchant Banker on His Ass This Morning?

The sharp eyes of Archie Butterfly hail the “athletic prowess”, shall we say, of Wallaby flanker Michael Hooper during the Wallabies 34-9 rout of the Pumas [A beautiful right cross, but a SANZAR judicial hearing will have the final say on his availability for the rest of the Rugby Championship, after citing Hooper for foul play. – Ed].

Women’s Rugby World Cup: semi-finals (lo! Ireland)

A brother-in-law’s glimpse of a women’s rugby team in Paris leads David Wilson to an expanded understanding of the 2014 Womens’ Rugby World Cup. Bergman and Bogart kick off proceedings.

AFL Round 15 – Melbourne v Sydney: A Sunday stroll in the park

It’s a risky proposition but the Swans seem to be taking their chances this season and showing that they’re not entirely reliant on the premiership side to win. Is it a deliberate strategy by Longmire?

The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Five

History was writ anew this round, with the first AFL premiership match played outside of Australia. A few posters were kicked, the first two by opposing captains. Remember that, your grandchildren will be asking you about it.

Off Season Odyssey – Part 22: Unnoticed Echoes

    The day’s been perfect. Lost and perfect. I have money in pocket, hard work behind me. There’s only five clouds in the sky. Each one worn by a mountain range, making their own weather. The town is perfect, to look at, anyway. To drive through. To drink at. Walking into the pub, surrounded [Read more]

Book Review: This Sporting Life

By Phil Dimitriadis One of the early fictional accounts of a footballer’s life was This Sporting Life by David Storey. This work examines the contradictions and paradoxes that affect a footballer’s career directly and vicariously through the actions and attitudes of those involved with the main character, named Arthur Machin. Machin works at the factory [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Book Review: Voices from Brisbane Rugby League

This review was previously published in Queensland Labour History Review of Greg Mallory, Voices from Brisbane Rugby League: Oral Histories from the 50s to the 70s, Boolarong Press 2009 Greg Mallory, and his editor, Gail Cartwright, are to be congratulated for adding to our archive of oral history collections. Like all such works, this [Read more]

Traversing the great divide

When I was about ten, we moved back to Queensland. I had been born there but then spent a few years in the footy heaven that is Victoria. I was footy nuts. We knew a little bit about rugby league: that they threw the ball and that there was mad tackling. Once or twice we [Read more]

Killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

In light of the future expansion of sporting teams in Melbourne I was wondering if the “sports capital of the world” may be starting to spread itself a little thinly and start to test the capital’s reputation for turning up to anything including the opening of an envelope. Mondays night’s attendance of 55,000 to what [Read more]