Almanac Cricket: Party Pies with Stuart Broad

Stuart Broad took his 500th Test wicket this week. From a young raw, cricketer learning his craft in Australia, Broad has turned into the Test cricketer he is today. Almanacker Craig Dodson played his part in it all. Let’s wind back the clock to read how it all unfolded.

Almanac Book Review- ‘A View of Australia From Fine Leg’

Luke Reynolds’ deep affection for cricket is well known; here he steps off the oval to review fellow Almanacker and cricketer Craig Dodson’s recent work ‘A view of Australia from fine leg’.

A view of Australia from fine leg – Game 10: Royal Park Brunswick Cricket Club

The Footy Almanac congratulates Craig Dodson on completing his ten match cricket odyssey to raise funds for the Gotcha4Life charity.

Almanac Cricket: The anatomy of a batting collapse

‘What is the anatomy of a batting collapse? Like a rollercoaster, it starts slowly…’ Sixteen and a half years later, the impact of that calamitous match is still almost enough to send Craig Dodson into therapy.

A Gunn & Moore for all seasons

Craig Dodson beautifully shares the triumphs and tribulations of life alongside his trusty Gunn & Moore. It’s a special relationship between man and cricket bat.