Round 21 Blog

Four rounds to go and all bar the top two spots are still in contention, which makes week crucial from here. Tonight, we find out if the Saints are really making ground on the top sides. Tomorrow, the Hawks would expect to dine out on the Power. Both Fremantle and Carlton will be desperate for [Read more]

Round 18 Blog

Several substantial flogging have been the feature of the weekend’s AFL action so far. That, and a couple of goal sneaks bagging 8 apiece. While Crows, Bombers and Bulldogs lament, the Saints have clawed their way back into the eight. With the Western Derby the feature game today, what do you make of it all folks?

Round 17: Heath Shaw Memorial Blog

Well, well, well. What can you say! Interesting that they allow Mr Shaw back for finals. Not quite all-guns-blazing from the AFL? Or overkill? And what of the Captain’s position? So, while the headlines roar, we begin the football in Adelaide, previous burial ground of Bomber hopes (can we still call them Bombers without clarification?). [Read more]

Round 16 Blog

The Eagles have conquered the Cats, though not without a scare or two after a dominant first half. What does successive losses for the previously undefeated mean? Today the Hawks host the Lions down in Launnie. Will Buddy play? Will it matter? The Swans visit the Gold Coast and desperately need to bring the match points home. Richmond can see [Read more]

Round 15 Blog

Last week’s result’s threw open some positions in the top eight, making several of this week’s games crucial. I.E: tonight under the roof. The Dogs will still be hoping finals, while the Dees will be thinking a win here could help the cause considerably. Richmond and Carlton now has added urgency for both clubs after disappointing losses. [Read more]

Round 14 Blog

No Buddy no Hawks? We’ll find out tonight. Have Essendon got the break they badly needed? Richmond v Melbourne is absolutely vital for both teams. Which Melbourne will turn up? The Doggies escape the ash with a few days on the Gold Coast. The Pies travel to Sydney with an imposing record against the Swans [Read more]

Round 13 Blog: Unlucky for Some

Coaches requiems are already being written; some teams are still a ‘mathematical’ chance for finals; it must be mid-season. The Dogs host the Crows tonight for the right to remain a ‘mathematical’ chance. Essendon host North, whose recent form is actually the better of the two. Is Sir James’ halo slipping? Hawthorn introduce the Gold [Read more]

Round 12 Blog

Halfway point of the season. Though many hope to continue beyond round 24. Two who’ve been recent September fixtures (Saints & Bulldogs) meet tonight, with the loser sliding inexorably into the realm of only being a ‘mathematical chance’ of playing finals. Cup of Constant Sorrow indeed. Adelaide host West Coast on Saturday afternoon with the Eagles looking [Read more]

Round 11 Blog

Another big week in football knackers! (oops, that’s probably already copyrighted). Melbourne get the opportunity to wear a few bruises against Essendon tonight. A real test of Tony Robb’s bye theory. The Bulldogs travel down to Catland with their expectations lower than at any time in recent years. Is this the opportunity for a surprise? [Read more]

Round 10 Blog

Round 10 already! Proceedings kick off at the ‘G where the Blues will be keen to atone for a lost opportunity last Friday night. Dean Bailey’s Demons are copping criticism, but a win would see them just outside the eight. North host the Swans, both coming off losses. North always seem to need a win [Read more]

Round 9 Blog

A week overshadowed by the passing of one of the game’s most popular figures. Bob Davis was one of those personalities who overcame club parochialism and gained the affection of the wider footballing (and general) community. It was a life well spent. And so we look to this week’s games. Tonight offers many  questions, fewer [Read more]

Round 8 Blog

There’s a game on tonight ? Who’s playing? Dips, Phantom, do you happen to know? This promises to be a great round of footy, so tell us what’s on your mind Knackers.