Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Danish delight in Melbourne, Woods returns

It wouldn’t be Wednesday without Hamish Neal’s comprehensive golf round up, with last week’s World Cup review a feature.

Almanac Olympics: Sayonara Rio

The carnival is over. And as the Olympics ends, Tony Robb gives his review of the Rio games.

Almanac Olympics: Boom Boom Boom, Pau Pau Pau and it’s Hasta La Vista Skippy – The Spaniards Sink the Sunshine Boys in the Last Ten Seconds – It’s the Greatest Choke Since Peter in the High Priest’s Courtyard

Archie has endured the Boomers Olympic Basketball campaign through early mornings and sunset sleeps and is not happy with the result.

Almanac Olympics: Gold Medal Recriminations

Robbo wants to see a greater focus on grass roots participation for Olympic campaigns and change the Golf and Tennis classification while you are at it.

Almanac Olympics: An Olympic Spirit and Kangaroo Diplomacy

DaveP has returned from Rio, no Zika, no muggings and no idea what time it is, to present his final Olympic chapter.

Dawn Fraser’s Olympian who never was

Historian Harold Peacock on the story of Marlene Dayman.

Almanac Olympics: What you don’t see on TV

Our man in Rio DaveP shares some of his Olympic moments.

Almanac Olympics – Respect: through the eyes of girls

David Wilson observes that placing sportswomen on a par with sportsmen can be powerful. The Olympic Games are to be celebrated for this.

The Superfish and Olympic Fairy Dust

The Olympics fills Peter Baulderstone with cynicism and loathing for 206 weeks every 4 years. On Monday a chance encounter with the Superfish sprinkled him with Olympic fairy dust for the next 2 weeks.

Almanac Olympics – The Global Watering Hole

Our Man in Rio DaveP, provides the inside word as to what is really happening there 2016. [You have us DaveP – JTH]