Round 19 – Greater Western Sydney v Richmond: A Giant dilemma

Well, after the Great Richmond Disappointment of 2015, and all the excuse-making, why wouldn’t you sign up with the Giants! That’s exactly what Gill Dite did. [This is interesting – and is sure to generate comment! Ed]

Round 19 – GWS v Richmond: The final insult

Paddy Grindlay begins reading “Finding Jack Dyer” but he’s nowhere to be found in Canberra

Junior Almanac Round 16 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: In the thick of the trip

Aidan Hammond continues his big Round 16 with a Billy Brownless sighting in Geelong and a plausible theory about why Carlton have the club song on their changeroom wall.

Round 8 – Richmond v Sydney: The Drive Home

Kate Birrell’s painting and poetry of a last-gasp win to Richmond.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Being with footy

Paddy Grindlay, in navigating a way through the fog of a desultory start to Richmond’s 2016 season, has found wisdom playing, training and umpiring around Woodend: “The brilliance of footy will save us all.”

Round 4 – West Coast v Richmond: Beware the Wounded Tiger

Cheesehead watched the Eagles kick to the Peppa Pig/Suzy Sheep end in the first quarter and noticed Richmond had no Plan B,C or D and neither Danny Dog or Freddy Fox could save them.

Glass half full time – why the Tiger season is still alive!

Sean Curtain finds the positives in Richmond’s season

Round 3 – Richmond v Adelaide: A feast of crows

John Green watches the Crows recover from the disappointment of not playing at the G, to trounce Richmond. “Eddie Betts should be required to play in a high visibility vest.”

Round 2 – Collingwood v Richmond: Gambling

Jonathan Sloan on gambling on, about and within a game.

Oh we’re from Neverland…

Richmond needs to rebuild according to Cranky Pete.

Round 2 – Collingwood v Richmond: Pies make Tigers April fools

Michael “we almost can’t believe it as we song the song” Labiris takes the keyboard for the Floreat Pica Society in Round 2.

Round 2 – Collingwood v Richmond: And on it goes

Collingwood, Richmond, and the long march of time. From 2016 Melbourne, come along on a voyage to 1939 Hobart.

NAB Challenge | Richmond v Port Adelaide: Consequences

Rulebook has a different view from Yoshi on the NAB Challenge kerfuffle the other night. And for once something at Richmond is not Troy Chaplin’s fault

Finding the Fallen: A search for the men the club forgot

Rhett Bartlett has done significant work to track down the stories of six Tigers who did not return from War.

Max Bailey a Maasai Warrior

Hawthorn premiership ruckman Max Bailey to leap with the Masaai teaching future warriors.

Richmond – The Fall and Rise

John Hassan has pinpointed the day, 35 years ago, that marked the long decline of the Richmond Football Club.

1933 Richmond Football Club photo: who’s there?

The Richmond Football Club 1933 team photo. Who can you name? [Rhett Bartlett – Tigerland historian and son of Kevin – has filled us in on all of them and added a few snippets about them. Thanks Rhett.]

Round 19 – Adelaide v Richmond: Tiger Taming

The Blacks, raffle tickets, a Crows win and a crack at Troy Chaplin – the essential ingredients for a ‘Rulebook’ write-up as the Crows tame the Tigers by 100 points off the scoreboard and 36 points on it

Round 15 – Richmond v Carlton: Richmond + Florence = Happiness

Our teenaged Italian correspondent, Paddy Grindlay, fires up the free WiFi in Firenze to follow the Tigers from 16,134 km away. Gets to use some new words and all!

Round 9 – Richmond v Essendon: Dreamtime Nightmare

Dustin Fletcher doesn’t quite get his dream 400th as Caspar McLeod reports in on the third most important occasion of the footy calendar