Grand Final Reflection: The day that my Tigers were playing a Grand Final

Playing in the Grand Final seemed unlikely enough for Henry Hornsby. Well, winning it, another thing entirely

Premiership Tiger Dreams of a 1967 Repeat

KB Hill looks back at the life and career of John Perry who played in Richmond’s 1967 Grand Final win. A fascinating overview of the player’s career, family connections to footy and some of the legends he played with and against.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: William Shakespeare and why the Tiges won

Michael Cunningham may well have influenced the Grand Final result from Stratford-upon-Avon.

A Little Bit Mad

Kate Birrell prepares for the Grand Final. The one that Richmond, yes, Richmond is in

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: My Day Out at the Footy

Many of us take for granted a big day out at the footy. Not so Liahm O’Brien, who traversed Bass Strait, hoping for a win.

37 Years Have Come to This.

Vaughan Menlove looks back on his lifetime as a Richmond supporter, but looks forward too, as he prepares for his first ever Grand Final.

Oh Dusty, how could you?

Dustin Martin has bitten the hand that fed him, wrote Cheryl Critchley in this piece, originally from 2013. How times have changed for the better at Tigerland.

When the Tigers Rocked the Theatre Royal – Hobart’s First Encounter With “Eat ‘Em Alive”

Liahm O’Brien has the tale of the first documented time Tasmania heard the famous “Eat ‘Em Alive” mantra.

Round 23 – Richmond v St Kilda: Squad Goals

Swish spent the afternoon embedded in the Richmond Grog Squad. He “learned some richmond”.

My thoughts on Houli’s case and the media

Japanese footy correspondent looks at the Houli case from another country for a different perspective.

Round 13 – Richmond v Sydney: After 30 minutes – Why do we bother? After 120 minutes: That’s why!

Jan Courtin made the trip to Tigerland to watch the Swannies go from exasperating to exhilarating. Was it worth the bother? You bet it was.

Round 13 – Richmond v Sydney: Love letter to the MCG

It is the people not the place that Gill loves about the MCG, even when the Tigers don’t get the job done.

Mundy Morning

Kate Birrel uses her paint brush to illustrate Richmond’s Munday morning blues.

If ya don’t mind, umpire!

Stainless comes in off the long run on the AFL law makers. Are they killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

Round 6 – Adelaide v Richmond: Richmond Kicked Away After Quarter Time

Lachie Brown sees the Crows go 6-0 for the very first time. “The Crows are looking unstoppable in 2017.”

Round 6 – Adelaide v Richmond: Tex stole all the goals

Both of young Aidan Hammond’s teams saw off threatening Tigers on Sunday. Yes, his Adelaide Crows faced Richmond – but this story also describes his Walkerville Cats, who took on the Salisbury West Tigers.

Round 5 – Richmond v Melbourne: Twenty-Two Tigerish Tigers Tigerishly Tigering

Along with 85,000 supporters, Jack Banister watches his beloved (and undefeated) Tigers take on the gallant Demons.

Almanac Art: Bustling Billy at Punt Road (by Kate Birrell)

Billy Barrot passed away earlier this week. This is Kate Birrell’s painting of him at Punt Road. [Add your memory of Billy Barrot – Ed]

Round 20 – Richmond v Collingwood: Move on – nothing to see here.

Stainless reviews an underwhelming game that reveals much about two teams many feel have under-performed in 2016

Choices, choices.

Stainless compares Adam Treloar’s decision to join Collingwood with that of Nathan Buckley’s.