Writing Richmond Together: A review of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017

Andy Fuller gives a terrific overview of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017. He has absolutely nailed it.

The Tigers’ Almanac Launch

Fun launch of The Tigers’ Almanac at the North Fitzroy Arms on Wednesday night. Here’s a pic and a few words.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: The biggest wake ever!

Now we know the real reason Richmond won last Friday night. The qualifying final proved to be the wake following the funeral of Ron Watson, Tiger in a family of Tigers. Geelong never stood a chance.

You can’t choose your family…or your Footy Club! (Updated)

Note:I know, I have already published this piece. However I have since come across some interesting and relevant information thanks to Richmond historian and son of a Tiger legend, Rhett Bartlett. The inserted text is in red should you wish to read just that, and the two pictures that follow are also new. Thanks for entertaining my [Read more]