Almanac NFL: The 2023 Rod Marinelli Cup – Week Eight

Round 8 of the NFL season finds Earl O’Neill casting a critical eye over the Raiders

Almanac Rugby League – NZ Warriors v Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs

  by Basil Naimet Going to NZ to play the Warriors is always…well… a worry! The boys is blue and white had nothing to worry about though. They had the match under control from the opening whistle. Good tries by Barba, Turner and Wright got the Dogs barking. Not even a resounding onslaught from the Warriors [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Making the Most of a Dead Rubber

I met a couple of Canberra Raiders when I was in year one at school. It was a uniform free day and I happened to be wearing my Canberra Raiders jersey. Two up and coming Raiders players were visiting to promote Rugby League at the grass roots level. The players happened to be Ricky Stuart [Read more]