Doing better without Mr McGuire

After the leak of Collingwood’s independent report on the culture of the club last week, Anne Cahill Lambert has some thoughts on the man at the centre of the controversy and the top of the black and white tree.

Almanac Life: Black Lives Matter

Glen Davis examines racism in sport, particularly America, and the advent of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Adam Goodes: His Legacy

This article was published in July 2015 at the time covered in Ian Darling’s documentary ‘The Final Quarter’:
Braham Dabscheck argues that Adam Goodes has forced Australia to confront the “ugly” side of itself.

Almanac Music: R.I.P. Aretha

Neil Drysdale records his tribute to Aretha Franklin, the greatest singer of her generation.

Almanac Books: Empathy, Race and Australia Day – thoughts based on A Rightful Place, edited by Shireen Morris, & Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, by Reni Eddo-Lodge.  

Jack Banister responds to the discussions which make up Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge and A Rightful Place: A Roadmap to Recognition by various authors. His review essay is timely. [These are books 3 and 4 in Jack’s 52 book odyssey]

The 2016 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Cup – Round Twenty Two

Now is a fine time to sit back with Earl O’Neill and ponder your lot. To get you started, here is some physiology, a mugging, a brush with death, Eddie Betts and Dr Martin Luther King Jr [“Breathtaking” – Peter_B].

Round 18 – Geelong v Brisbane: We’re here now, but he is coming

One of the last AFL venues to boast a terrace, the City end at the Cattery is where wit, grape, grain and lip flows in equal measure. The Kardinia Park faithful are a tight-knight community and it’s why there’s a nervous air around the return of Adam Goodes for Hamish Townsend. What if a good mate or a family member decides to boo? Can good people stand idly by?

Adam Goodes: A Game At Its Crossroads

As the Sydney Swans prepare to welcome Adam Goodes back to work, Callum O’Connor argues that despite initiatives like the Dreamtime round and the AFL’s best efforts to advance reconciliation and recognition, the game “might not be as reconciled with our past as we had hoped to believe.”

Enough is Enough (yes, the Goodes saga)

Saint66 calls for the “Chill Pill” in this whole “Goodes saga”. Here he explains his position.

Who was Adam Goodes talking to on Friday night?

Peter Baulderstone gives his take on Adam Goodes and the Friday night war dance.

Racial Vilification: A Threat To Multicultural and International Development

Racial vilification in the AFL not only threatens the rights of people to live without threats, bullying, stereotyping and fear, but it also threatens the integrity of the sport on the international stage. The ignorant and damaging actions of a small minority of AFL followers has to stop, writes Wesley Hull.

The Rainbow Conundrum: seeking consensus on homophobia in the AFL

The AFL rightly reacts to racial slurs because there is now a universal understanding that racism is abhorrent. But we still have a long way to go when it comes to homophobia, writes Dave Brown.

Who Booed Goodes: a discussion?

Saint66 discusses the discussion around the booing of Adam Goodes. [Saint66 presents a cross section of views held by others here, and gives a sense of the process of coming to some sort of position of understanding]

Thanks Adam

The Almanac’s long range Cup tip has got up. Adam Goodes as Australian of the Year was a ‘lock’ when JTH put him on the cover of the 2012 Almanac. Peter Baulderstone uses editorial privilege to resurrect his 30 May piece when Adam was at the centre of the racism debate. Feel free to add your own tribute.

What footy and kids have taught me about tolerance, understanding and behaviour in recent weeks – An act in three parts

Sean Curtain likes thinking out loud. Which is what he does here as he works his way through some complex issues of identity and social interaction. He learns something from an Under 13 footy side.

A grey backdrop to the colour picture

Jeff Dowsing asks whether the images of Winmar lifting his jumper has made lasting headway into the headspace of the average Australian. Have we learnt anything in the 20 years since?

Hypocritical racism

Matt Watson recalls his first introduction to racism when, as an 11-year-old kid, he watched North fans abuse Rioli and Richmond fans abuse the Krakouer brothers. It made no sense to him. It still doesn’t.

AFL Round 9 – Collingwood v Sydney: Madam, I’m Adam

Adam Goodes rose above this one-sided romp like a colossus not once, but twice, on a night in which he unintentionally wrested the AFL reconciliation baton from another great indigenous player, Nicky Winmar, 20 years after he lifted his jumper to the Collingwood Social Club.

Adam Goodes – Zero tolerance to racism

Michael Viljoen presents a personal and communal view of policy and action based on inappropriate racist ideology, condemning Social Darwinism,and outlines its personal and societal impact.

AFL Round 7: Nicky Winmar a revolutionary figure?

Paul Thomson wonders if Nicky Winmar likes the term ‘revolutionary’?