Flogs, Wogs and Blogs

Phil Dimitriadis is miffed by some of the language used by ‘Middle Australia’ in the recent race debates. When did ‘Flog’ become part of the vernacular and why?

Mob Mentality

Josh Pinn states his case against the booing of the 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes.

Stop and Listen, AFL: The Goodes Debate

David Zita dwells on the Adam Goodes crowd reaction debate. Simply put, it’s a complex issue with, as is often the case in life, far too much grey for reductive black and white posturing – on both sides of the argument.

Racial Vilification: A Threat To Multicultural and International Development

Racial vilification in the AFL not only threatens the rights of people to live without threats, bullying, stereotyping and fear, but it also threatens the integrity of the sport on the international stage. The ignorant and damaging actions of a small minority of AFL followers has to stop, writes Wesley Hull.

Adam Goodes – Zero tolerance to racism

Michael Viljoen presents a personal and communal view of policy and action based on inappropriate racist ideology, condemning Social Darwinism,and outlines its personal and societal impact.