Quiz Answers – Pre-AFL finals bye week

[In the spirit of imitation being the highest form of flattery…] We had a surprising response to our ‘Pre-finals AFL bye week’ quiz and we thank everyone who entered. The winner was G. Long of Geelong. And many congratulations go to you G. Well played. For the record, the answers were as follows:

Answers to the pre-Ashes quiz

Yesterday’s sad news of John Clarke’s passing has made us look through the files to find this Smokie classic inspired by Clarke’s old Saturday Age quiz.
All players will be required to answer a simple multiple choice questionnaire before the Ashes? It is therefore fortuitous for the players (especially Watto) that the answers to this quiz have been slid under the door at the offices of the Footy Almanac.

Quick quiz: 50 (+ 1) cricket questions to ponder during a drinks break

It’s Big Issues Time, Summer Edition, with thanks to Sean Curtain. Have a crack.

Malthouse you Dunce

T Robb with a quick quiz for the Carlton faithful.