AFL Round 4 – Richmond v Collingwood: A pleasant Saturday arvo at the ‘G

One has to hand it to the masochistic Tiger hordes who’ve stuck fat over three decades of cellar dwelling, false dawns and ninthdom. And here we are again in April 2013, the jungle drums building to another premature crescendo.

AFL Round 2 – Collingwood v Carlton: Faith in humanity restored

Sunday’s game wasn’t about Mick and Eddie. No, this was another chapter in the greatest rivalry in Australian sport, a 120 year struggle between good and evil far outweighing two men’s egos.

Oh Big Q! Say it ain’t so

Brandon Erceg is distraught. The Big Q is leaving the Eagles for Collingwood. Of all places, Collingwood!

Amidst the gloom, an ironclad great

I am in a deep malaise today. Part of it is the reality of being back in cold, old Melbourne, and the lingering sense of post-holiday depression after a terrific 3 weeks with my wife and baby son in mid-20s temperatures in Italy. But more so, it’s the “how close” world of football. As far [Read more]