Gravel & Mud: Geoffrey Blainey

Historian Geoffrey Blainey has had rich experiences with Australian mining, society and football. This story is from the anthology ‘Gravel & Mud’, a wonderful look into how western Tasmania approached its footy, from conditions to crowds to players.

Gravel & Mud: Martin Flanagan’s introduction

Martin Flanagan recalls life on the West Coast of Tasmania with its places, and characters and its distinctive footy. This piece of fine story-telling is the introduction to Gravel & Mud, an anthology put together by Tony Newport and the Carswell brothers Chris and John.

Gravel & Mud: Chris Fagan’s Preface

As you will see over the coming days, as the Almanac publishes this series of extracts, Gravel & Mud is full of wonderful yarns.

A few hours in the forward line

Bert receives sad news of a fallen footballer while driving through western Tasmania. It takes him on a journey to Queenstown Oval where they played against each other.

Almanac (Bush) Footy: The Jumper

Tony Newport reminisces about the Rosebery 1971 Premiership.

Round 15 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: The Richmond Hamburger of 2016

Haije Halabi while in Queenstown, New Zealand enjoying the sites and local food (especially the burgers) keeps one eye on his Tigers, as they go down in another disappointing loss to the Power.


by Andrew Starkie   In the late ’70s mum and dad took my sisters and I on a road trip around Tasmania.  It was deep Winter and the roads were hilly, winding and wet.  I was car sick for two weeks.   I recall moments like framed snapshots.  Slipping on snow and ice on Mount [Read more]