Round 16 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: The First September Q-Clash (shame about the pandemic asterix)

Shane Reid is happy that his Brisbane Lions finally nailed the first quarter of a game to set them on their way against the Suns.

Round 21 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Bar the Shouting

Jamie Simmons, having spent five weeks without internet and being forced to attend the Brisbane Ballet (and enjoying it!), finds it’s the familiarity of a Gabba game day crowd that he yearns for. (So many great lines in this- ed)

Round 4 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Steven May – Enjoy your holiday

A win to the Brisbane Lions is marred by a brutal bump. Andrew Weiss thinks Steven May is in for a long vacation.

Round 19 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: The Schache Cup

Andrew Weiss went and watched his Lions go down the Suns in the Q-Clash at the GABBA and as he discusses by doing so inadvertently won the ‘Schache Cup,’ as they now most likely have pick one in the draft.

AFL Round 18 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: After the Flood

Don’t you hate it when you have one of those “I wish I’d thought of that witty comeback earlier” moments. Jamie Simmons had one at the ‘Gabba, and it would have been a beauty.

AFL Round 15 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Winning with two eyes

Beth Newman is particularly vocal when it comes to watching Brisbane, so she knew her first chance to sit in a press box at the Gabba would be a challenge (to say the least).

AFL Round 3 – Gold Coast Suns v Brisbane Lions: Lions claw one back

With pouring rain, a train to the ground and a legion of football fanatics, Bill Ellis’s night at Carrara reminded him of matches past in suburban Victoria.