Almanac Local Footy: Pre-Season Grinds are never the same it seems

While footballers around the country have commenced pre-season training, Mick Jeffrey discusses his program and asks how your training works especially before Christmas.

Swans 2016: What Comes Before Pre

Rejoice. Mathilde is back for 2016. “It’s easy at the start of the season to take up the obvious, reassuring footy narrative. Positive thinking, the best of sports science mindfulness, confidence and pre-emptive strength. But the fact is, that the intra-club is the very beginning of something, the plan before it’s even hatched and we don’t know what will come. It can’t ever be truly mapped or pre-prepared. And it cannot be hurried. This is true light heartedness…”

Off Season Odyssey – Part 10: Pre-season is Serious Business

  “Come have a kick!” I say to Louie. We were teammates at Otway for three years. I have no idea how, yet here he is, on the coast, working in Kenty’s Surf Shop. “Up yours, Zurbo! It’s summer. You haven’t changed.”