It’s a beautiful life.

What goes around comes around (or sometimes, comes back up) and for Dips, as he reminisces about his first big travel adventure, he is mindful of his petrified parents’ and bundle of emotions for his own kids, who now choose to wander…

Finals Week 2 – GWS v West Coast: No Country for Old Men

Peter Baulderstone and the Avenging Eagle briefly disrupt lunch in the Douro Valley in Portugal to report on an unimportant football match that occurred in an empty stadium in “Greater” Western Sydney.

Top 100 World Cup Moments (From the Aussie P.O.V.): 42-Portugal’s Black Pearl (1966)

Dennis Gedling tells the story of Eusebio, the great Benfica striker who is the forgotten star of the 1966 World Cup.

Cures for insomniac supporters

Sleepy-headed coverage of Euros 2012 Semi-final 1 Spain 0 – 0 Portugal (Spain trudge forward on penalties 4-2) This very stalemate would’ve whittled the edges from the even the keenest footballing enthusiasm. We were right to expect a show. Portugal and Ronaldo were improving with each performance. They’ve played exciting, attractive, passing, attacking football; the [Read more]

All quiet on the touchline techonology front….

Hush-toned Euro 2012 coverage QTR Final 1 Czech Republic 0 – 1 Portugal Before we get to the yawn fest from this morning. I wanted to offer some thoughts on the digital cloud hanging over the group stages. I’ve been waiting for vociferous English support of the Ukraine’s stricken goal. Long before their game the [Read more]

One With The Lot

I knew I shouldn’t have eaten it. The hamburger. The bloody thing nearly killed me. I was on Tavira, a minute island just off the south coast of Portugal. It was September 1987. I say just off the coast because a couple of good torpedo punts from the mainland would land on the island’s beautiful [Read more]