To be PC or not to be

Trucker Slim sifts through the language of a “Rubicon crossing” week in social discourse (“What a fantastic story it is!”). What is Political Correctness, anyway?

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary 2013/14 (entry 3)

Andrew Starkie’s got 53 minutes to evaluate the performances of the Poms and Aussies so far, with a quick time-out for nappies and discussing the Holiday Greetings Police.

Thinking outside the oval

by Peter Baulderstone Football (and that’s a broader family than AFL) has lost two of its broadest thinkers and most compassionate administrators – one to cancer, and the other to political correctness.  One loss cannot be remedied, but the other should be. We all get lost in the adoration and fandom of professional sport, and [Read more]

What’s in a name?

Political correctness is a movement to promote tolerance, understanding and acceptance. I’m sure it is a valid movement as far smarter people than I have implemented it, advocated it, and supported it. To me though, it is un-Australian, at least in some part. The “Aussie” persona has been built on the knockabout, “she’ll be right [Read more]