Almanac Local History – Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg: George Launder

The next in the series of sporting characters buried in the Pine Ridge Cemetery at Coburg is George Launder.

Almanac Local History – Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg: Albert ‘Nuts’ Renny

Allan Barden recently visited the Pine Ridge Cemetery in Coburg where numerous sporting identities are buried. He will profile one each week for the next couple of months. The first is Albert ‘Nuts’ Renny.

Almanac Local History: Sporting history in abundance at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery

A while ago, Allan Barden discovered that his great-grandmother was buried in 1918 in the Coburg cemetery. In finding out a little more he met the Friends of Coburg Cemetery a small group of volunteers who look after the cemetery and also have done some research into those buried there. This piece by Allan reflects on the cultural and historical significance of cemeteries generally, and discusses what they mean to us, and tell us. He then considers the lives of a number of Australian sportsmen buried in the Coburg Cemetery. [Wonderful piece – Ed]