Almanac Footy Life: The Disenchantment of Jimmy Krakouer

Jim Krakouer was a gifted and sensational footballer, and at times a controversial one. With a life regularly afflicted by poor decision making and their resulting consequences, Ian Wilson examines many aspects of Krakauer’s footy career and life.

Almanac Footy: Jim Krakouer – the magic

Matt Watson looks back at the career of Jim Krakouer, who with his brother Phil was a trailblazer for indigenous footballers in the VFL of the 1980’s.

VFLW Grand Final: Diamond Creek v Darebin Falcons

From deep within the giant airport hangar/toilet block inspired architecture of Etihad, Jackie Lynch pondered and watched what might be the “Final Falcdown” in VFLW Grand Final between Darebin and Diamond Creek.

Hypocritical racism

Matt Watson recalls his first introduction to racism when, as an 11-year-old kid, he watched North fans abuse Rioli and Richmond fans abuse the Krakouer brothers. It made no sense to him. It still doesn’t.

The Krakouers

In 1982, I was in Grade 6 at St. Pius X West Warrnambool and obsessed with the Krakouer brothers. I kept scrapbooks of newspaper clippings that said ‘BLACK MAGIC!’ and ‘KRAKOUER MAGIC!’ I wrote ‘JIM 3 KRAKOUER’ and ‘PHIL 8 KRAKOUER’ all over my books and pencil case.  I sat in the filtered sun in [Read more]