Lou: A veteran’s perspective?

Lou, as we know, likes a chat. He has spent years with his customers. He knows them well. Some have been talking to him about keeping things in perspective.

Compliments of the Season – the Christmas Issue

Greetings of the season to all, Welcome to the bumper Christmas issue to guide you through the silly season and some pontification on the events of past year.  At this time last year the test series was all over, the Ashes safe and just the tidying up of proceedings to go.  We are effectively at [Read more]

The Changed Face of Cricket and the Wisdom of Insecurity

As the First Test between Australian and India gets set to start, Anthony James ponders the ramifications of Phil Hughes’ death on the future of the game.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 8): Gathering Clouds

Lower Plenty Thirds and Mill Park played Saturday in the shadow of Phillip Hughes’ passing. Callum O’Connor and his team mates had more on their minds than the scorebook.

The Day Before Phillip Hughes Walked Out to Bat for the Last Time

Anthony Thomas shares his deeply moving account of the passing of Phil Hughes and then his own father.

Eleven White Clothed Angels

More reflections on Phil Hughes: A life and a career which ended far too soon. By Mick Alldis (with thanks to Malcolm Ashwood)

I’ll Mow the Pitch, You Shine the Cherry

Joe Moore’s touching homage to Phil Hughes and the spirit of cricket in Australia

The game has changed

Paddy Grindlay tells of stepping onto the cricket field again with the Woodend Under 14s. The first outing since P. Hughes’ death last week. Life goes on, cricket goes on, but something has changed.

Sport, Team and Memory

In thinking about the tragic death of Phil Hughes, Brutas Mudcake reminds us of the significance of sport, team and memory.