Almanac Cricket: A Feast of Cricket in India

Cricket, India and artist John Campbell make for a compelling palette to draw in the sports-lover, the eye and the taste buds. It’s all here in one enchanting story.

Peter Roebuck Tribute


Vale Peter Roebuck

  As a website which values writing – more specifically writing on sport – it is fitting that the tragically premature passing of one of sport’s finest scribes and commentators has already drawn eloquent tribute. More is likely to follow. At the risk of redundancy, I feel compelled to add a few thoughts of my [Read more]

I knew Peter Roebuck

    I knew Peter Roebuck.  No, correction, I didn’t know Robey.  I had spent two weeks with him in the Press Box in Sri Lanka as one of a small group of Australians covering the test match series.  I grew to know most of the others in the box Conn, Maxwell, Lalor and co.  [Read more]

Tangled Up In White – Reflections on the Passing of Peter Roebuck

  For the last week I have been tempted to write about cricket – but who cares these days?  Corruption; meaningless space fillers for pay TV; the cosy self-interest of administrators, marketers and media; the decline of the first class competition inAustralia.  Brendan M, Skip and PJ had all said it more eloquently than me. [Read more]

Zurbo on Roebuck

I just got back from wood cutting all morning and heard the news. Terrible news. Peter Roebuck has passed away. I don’t know the whys and whens and wheres and don’t care. It is cricket’s loss and our loss as a people, that Peter is gone. Roebuck was the best commentator and journalist I knew [Read more]