Almanac Summer – Footy History: A Bear is Born

The Brisbane Bears were constructed in the mid-1980s. Their first season was 1987.

Those Carrara days were classic.

Sit back and enjoy the memories.

In the testing ground with the centre half backs

Carolyn Spooner’s review of the champions of the footy spine has reached the heroic position of centre half back.

Almanac Books: Champions All extract – 1976 Grand Final

Continuing our highlights from Old Dog’s book, Champions All, an excerpt featuring the 1976 Grand Final.

The 2016 Peter Knights Cup – Round Six

Earl O’Neill, with typical insight and humour, summarises Round 6. “…The Tigers (they’re from Tigerland, the fighting fury, some say) have 70,000 members and drew 27,000 last weekend. How’s the latest five year plan working out?”

AFL Grand Final: Me Hero!

Brian Lake is a Footballer.