Round 4 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Nightmare redeemed!

Past nightmares haunted Andrew Starkie and his mate, about whether the Roos could overcome the Crows in their Round 4 match. In the end, they had little to worry about!

7 burning questions (and 7 charred answers) as we approach the second week of finals.

Adam Ritchie with 7 burning questions, all beautifully answered, from the first week of the finals.

Round 20 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: The Traianidis factor in the ancient city of Athens

Athens, an old Saints favourite and Talking Heads all feature as Jennifer Muirden sees St Kilda marching in, in the not too distant future

Players who leave and come home

It seems the Dockers have a relatively high incidence of players who return to the club, as players, after leaving – Peter Bell, Brad Wira, Heath Black, and Adam McPhee to name some. John Barnes did it with Essendon and Geelong. Can anyone think of other incidences, particularly in the past 20 years?