Australia v India – MCG, Day 2: “It was bound to happen!”

It was bound to happen reports Citrus Bob. The outcry from the general public and cricket personalities today about the state of the wicket at the G would match anything The Donald has to say in a State of the Union speech. Citrus reports from day 2 at the MCG.

Celebrating a feast of Saint Davids

As a thankyou gesture, Gigs names a Saints team of Davids in honour of Almanacker David Downer.

Almanac WAFL: No oil painting Swans v Peel

Les sends Peter Baulderstone to Rushton Park for Swans v Peel

The potential rise of Bernard Tomic at the Australian Open – Grantland

Peter Baulderstone has been visiting the Grantland website and recommends this analysis of the current state of men’s tennis, and the allure of Tomic to distant eyes.