Almanac Flashback – ‘Creeket iz life’: Mathilde de Hauteclocque

Fathers’ Day has come and gone, but there are always more stories of family and fathers from the Almanac archives…

Mathilde de Hauteclocque tells the story of her love of cricket and in doing so reveals much about her family, especially her father, the French Count, and his deep appreciation of the game (‘Creeket iz life’). A great tale of where life takes you and what it offers when your eyes are open and alert to possibility.

The Best Coaches Are…

Wesley Hull reflects on coaching and coaches, describing the way he has crossed paths with some of the greats (Cerutty, Hafey, Sheedy) while explaining that as a coach he has never stopped searching and learning. [Super piece – Ed]

Crio’s Question: Sporting legends

Blokes can be sporting legends even when you don’t know about their “back story” or individual achievements.
I thought of this last week upon hearing of the passing of Jack Rennie. Any others?