VAFA Premier C – Peninsula OBFC v Fitzroy: See you later relegater, in a while Cr(OG) a dial

King George III is back in all his whirlwind, intertextual glory. A tour de force (farce) of literature and film as he tells the story, however cryptically, of the Roys’ win down on the peninsula. “Bookending the smallest library of goals” is in running for the Statistic of the Year.

VAFA Premier B – Fitzroy v Peninsula: Category 5 El Nino shipwrecks Pirates

The Roys are 2-0 and their most observant fan (King) George! III puts it all in historical perspective.

VAFA – Div 1: A truly grand finale

In what can only be described as a magnificent showcase of amateur football, North Old Boys – St Patrick’s defeated Peninsula Old Boys by three goals at Sandringham last Sunday to convincing win the Division 1 premiership. Not since its 1982 A Grade win had the famous Brunswick-based club won a senior flag; importantly, this [Read more]