Almanac Art: Classic Australian Car Paintings

RagingBull offers his artistic take on two classic Australian cars. His work is inspired by the stories of the people who owned them.

Almanac Poetry: Paris, 1877

Continuing the French flavour of his most recent Almanac music post, KD’s poem this week depicts the Paris of Julius LeBlanc Stewart’s wonderfully decadent, colourful nineteenth century painting, Twilight on the Terrace, Paris.

Almanac Poetry: George Stubbs’ ‘A Lion Attacking a Horse’

Kevin Densley’s poem is based on a famous eighteenth century painting by arguably the greatest horse painter of all-time, George Stubbs. The great poet William Blake also receives mention.

Almanac Music: She Passed By Me At The Fair (Song Lyric)

Something a little different from Kevin Densley – his most recent song lyric, written only weeks ago. ‘With Irish ancestry on both sides of my family, this lyric for a traditional-sounding Irish folk ballad was bound to come out sooner or later. Imagine these words in a brief, melodic song, wistfully sung.’

Almanac Art – The Art of Football: a visualisation

A look at a selection of the brilliant works featured in the ongoing exhibition “The Art of Football.”

A Self-Introduction – Artist, Athlete, Canadian: Kendra Heil

From the canvas of footballer/artist Kendra Heil comes a story of personal growth out of adversity

AFL Round 2 – SK v GWS, WB v NM: My Favourite Things

The Saints have a 100% winning record after two rounds and rather than getting ahead of herself, Yvette just floats along for the ride. Between art, footy, baseball and family, her life continues to be full to the brim.

The Carnival is Over

Can’t wait for your copy of the new Almanac book – just to get your hands on Kate Birrell’s glorious cover painting? Fear not, Kate has tided us over with her beautifully poetic vision of the needy, the greedy and the seedy on their way home from Flemington.

Marathons and the off-season of footy

Yvette Wroby is filling her off-season with painting and Rodriguez the Sugar Man.