Almanac Country Footy: The Pub – Season 41

Old Dog is balancing family, work, life, and preparing for his 41st season of footy.

Heroes of Footy

Old Dog has a New Year’s hope: that the Otway Districts Footy and Netball Club will have an Under 18s again and that the young people of the area will have a chance to feel what it is to be part of this club and community and to get to really know the people at the heart and soul of it all and fully understand what it all means.

Life Speeds Up

Time has changed for Old Dog. But some things remain the same.

Grand Finals Part I

  When my season finished in a deficit of four bitter goals and biffo, a big map of the country, with about 20,000 pinheads marking football ovals opened up. So, thanks to Sammy Harriott, I went home to the Otways. The tough, leathery bush champion had pulled his battered body together and come out of [Read more]