Round 9 – Sydney v Fremantle: To go or not to go – that is the question

Marshall lifts and makes it to the O’Reilly Stand to watch the Swans smash Freo writes his wife Jan Courtin.

Round 3 – Sydney v GWS: When a skyline of cranes is no match for tenderness, beauty and (another) Buddy moment

Is Mathilde de Hauteclocque over Sydney? Not the Swans, just the city? Jump inside her mind as she thinks her way through her night at the footy and is lifted by an Ukrainian educator and O’Reilly James’s view of that Buddy goal. [Yep! – JTH]

Australia v Pakistan – Day 5: The SCG, its car park, a Giant, and a blond.

Jan Courtin and Marshall break from their walking tradition and drive to the SCG. Their retirement fund takes a hit with the parking ransom. But they’re in for a Happy Jan experience. [Vintage Courtin! Ed]

Round 10 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Winter descends on the SCG but the Swans heat up the O’Reilly shiverers

Tom Bally doesn’t quite pick the weather, but who cares, the Swans heat up the SCG and cement their place at the top of the ladder. [I reckon it was colder at Fitzroy on Saturday – Ed]

Round 23- Sydney v Gold Coast: Unshackled Melancholy & Frivolity

An unshackled Mathilde de Hauteclocque is in the familiar surrounds of the O’Reilly Stand for the final round of 2015. Farewells & uncertainty. Sans Cygnet.

AFL Round 19- Sydney v Essendon: Team Conversation

Sans the cygnet, the Almanac’s O’Reilly Stand correspondent Mathilde de Hautecloque reports on a big Swans win. She enjoyed the conversations, both on and off the field. And with the baristas.