Australia v England ODIs – MCG: In the Shadow of the BBL

Jack Banister ponders the future of ODIs against our love of epic tests and the shiny new toy that is BBL.

Yellow, but not green, cappers

Having already put together his team of Australian one-Test wonders, Glen now picks a side of Australian cricketers serviceable on the One-Day scene but never to play a Test. Thoughts?

The Way Forward For Test Cricket

Callum O’Connor thinks through the Test cricket woes. He has some suggestions.

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright…

Crankypete remembers Crankybill (O’Reilly) and his views on shorter form cricket.

What happens in the next chapter of Australian cricket?

Tom Riordan on what may occur as a new chapter of Australian cricket begins in the upcoming summer of cricket.

ICC World Cup Final: Part 1 – the pay TV fiasco

Matt Watson is in chilly Melbourne for the World Cup Final. Here he considers the tournaments impact in Australia, meets Warnie, and considers his relationship with some of the teams – especially New Zealand.

Zimbabwe Tri Series Final- Australia v South Africa: Hip Hip Harare

Luke Reynolds reviews South Africa’s domination of Australia in the ODI final in Zimbabwe. He ventures an early guess at Australia’s line up for the World Cup.

Cricket on Christmas Day

The possibility of having international cricket played on Christmas Day opens up business and scheduling opportunities for more than just Cricket Australia, writes Geoff Lockhart.

Australia v England ODI Series Review

Luke Reynolds offers a comprehensive summary of Australia’s one day series demolition of England.

Ryobi Cup Week 1

Luke Reynolds summarises the first week’s games in the Ryobi Cup. More in sorrow than in anger, Luke faithfully reports the progress of our once great summer game.

Worse places to be than the first ODI of the summer

There weren’t too many present at the first One Day International of the Summer. Noel McPhee was there – his first one-day game in 20 years.

Sri Lanka Celebrates as Australia Wobbles Again

1st ODI- Australia v Sri Lanka- MCG 3rd November 2010 It’s usually unwise to rush to judgement on the basis of a single one-day match, but last night’s astonishing Sri Lankan comeback would have done nothing to allay the anxieties of Australian supporters contemplating the summer ahead. This midweek fixture was ludicrous in design, especially [Read more]