VAFA Premier B – Old Brighton v Fitzroy: Go Green? Oh’ Al.

King George! III employs olde and middley English (as you might expect) in telling the timeless tale of a trip to Brighton. There is no reporter like King George!

VAFA B Section Round 6 – Fitzroy v Old Brighton: Put a Sock In It

Phil Hill reports on a resurgent Fitzroy and the security offered by a usefully applied checklist [Not for squeamish readers nor those fearing dental work – Ed].

VAFA B Section Round 6 – Fitzroy v Old Brighton Grammarians: Of Politicians and Pickering W.

After the annual political lunch at Brunswick St Oval (thanks Rich Willingham), Fitzroy beat Old Brighton for the first time ever at home. King George!III reports on the lunch and the footy.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Old Brighton: Fitzroitis breaks out

Fitzroyitis has broken out again.