VAFA Premier B – Old Brighton v Fitzroy: Silver linings

Fitzroy travelled to the beach suburb of Brighton to take on the Old Boys, the form side of Premier B, down there. A close contest until three quarter time, the game slipped away from the Roys in the end. But there was much to take from the performance and the prospects for the season remain good. Nick Marshall tells the story.

Come down to Brunswick Street Oval this Saturday (July 23) for the Reds Foundation Lunch (featuring various Almanac contributors) followed by the important clash against the respected St Bede’s/Mentone side.

VAFA – Old Brighton v Fitzroy

Phil Hill follows the Roy Boys to Beach Oval as they take on Old Brighton

VAFA – Fitzroy v Old Brighton: The Roy Boys stick at it

On a perfect day, Rod Oaten wanders to his local ground to enjoy the season opener luncheon and a game of footer. Unfortunately the boys from Old Brighton were too big, too strong and too dominant. But the Roys never shirked the issue, battling it out until the final siren.