Almanac Flashback – Pier to Pub 2019: Murray won’t be home tonight

From the archives: A tragic day at Pier to Pub 2019.

Almanac Ocean Swimming: What an effort!

Swim around Great Britain! You must be mad! Read about Ross Edgley’s epic swimming feat of physical and mental endurance he completed this week.

Almanac Swimming: Lorne Pier to Pub 2018

Col reports completing the annual Lorne Pier to Pub ocean swim.

Round 13 – Sydney v Richmond: Changing Tides, Changing Tiges

Away from the AFL bubble that is Melbourne, Sarah Black realises her couch position doesn’t influence what happens to her beloved Tigers as she enjoys some Southern New South Wales sand and surf. As well as a Tigers win.

Rock2Ramp Ocean Swim, Anglesea

“What the hell am I doing here?” Colin Ritchie asks himself, swallowing another mouthful of water as his screaming lungs gasp for air. Welcome to the Rock2Ramp.