RIP Jack Whitaker – US Sportscaster: When it was more than a game

Legendary US Sportcaster Jack Whitaker who died last week aged 95 was a regular face on Australian TV in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Peter Baulderstone provides some links to his work and reflects on why his reporting legacy ennobled sports and us.

Almanac Obituary – Last of the Place Kickers

Gerard Coutts’ grandfather played in a few premierships for Horsham and South Ballarat, as well as being a serviceman in WW1. He is remembered for being the ‘last of the place kickers’ in this obituary.

RIP John Clarke: The Dagg is Dead

Peter Baulderstone mourns the passing – and celebrates the work, wisdom and wit – of John Clarke.

Once Were Warriors – Remembering Muhammad Ali

Peter Baulderstone remembers Muhammad’s Ali life as it unfolded and his impact in changing the culture and attitudes in the 60s.

In memory of Elfie

End-of-life conversations can be difficult. Yvette Wroby shares thoughts and words from a memorial speech she made for her recently departed mother, Elfie. [Our condolences Yvette – Ed].

Vale’ Richie: Memories and Imagination

True heroes like Pele, Senna and Gough need only one name. Most remember the commentary doyen, but Peter Baulderstone reflects on Richie the cricketer and the power of imagination.

Turnbull Stakes Preview – Vale Robert Flower

Sal Ciardulli honours one of the most graceful and fair players following the early passing of legendary Demons wingman Robbie Flower. And there are the first big Spring races at Flemington and Randwick.

Tribute to Tommy

Dave Chettle is a Magpie man whose passion for footy was ignited by Tommy Hafey.

Impermanence: On Dean Bailey’s passing

Peter Baulderstone was shocked by the largely unexpected and sudden death of Dean Bailey. This is not so much an obituary (I knew only the general details of his career), as a reflection on what his purposeful life and sudden passing says for all of us.

They came for Billy Quirk: (When you lose a mate)

Haje Halabi mourns and celebrates a country footy legend.

Obituary: Carlton legend Jim Clark

Jim Clark, one of Carlton’s last surviving members of the infamous “Bloodbath” Grand Final of 1945, has died in his hometown of Echuca at the age of 88.

Obituary: Sir Henry Cecil, champion racehorse trainer

PeterTemple has recommended this obituary of the late Sir Henry Cecil.

An Innings for Dad

AN INNINGS FOR DAD The ball was short of a length outside off stump. Still early in my innings, it was my first opportunity to break the shackles. I leant back and unleashed a back foot square drive through point that was a combination of flourish and brute force. As I took off on those [Read more]

Jim Stynes and the triumph of idealism

  by Jonathan Rivett The problem with writing about someone you have never met is that your presumptions could so easily be wrong. Maybe what I’m about to say about Jim Stynes, who died on the morning of Tuesday the 20th of March, is incorrect. Maybe he was not much different from those who came [Read more]

Obituary – Hank Nelson

  by Gavan Daws (Peter Temple read it and thought it would be of interest to readers…and he was dead right) From Peter: here is a link to a great obit for Hank Nelson, a much-loved prof at the ANU, written by a colleague and lifelong friend, Gavan Daws. Hank was such a quintessential Aussie [Read more]

The other Gary Ablett

  by Hamish Cameron On Monday, a Gary Ablett of a different kind passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 46, played for Liverpool and was later controversially transferred to Everton. Ablett scored in his first match and won two championships and the FA Cup during his spell with Liverpool, and became [Read more]

Farewell Smokin’ Joe

  by Damian O’Donnell The headline says “When the mountain came to Muhammad”. It was 1971 in Madison Square Garden. There’s Joe being lead to the corner by the referee. There is no discernable look on his face; it’s fixed in a deadly glaze. He’s returning to the corner like a bloke strolling home from [Read more]

Weekend read: John ‘Pa’ O’Keeffe – a true football person

by Patrick O’Keeffe   Pa taught me how to kick a stab pass, torpedo and drop kick. I think that I might have been about 6 or 7 at the time. I remember it being an overcast day, in a park not too far from Glenelg Oval. I was eager to impress my grandfather. Unfortunately [Read more]