NRL Grand Final – Part 5: Stewards’ Report

The Stewards’ Report is in on Matt O’Hanlon’s tips for NRL Grand Final day. Let’s just say that there’s always next year!

Almanac Rugby League – Grand Final Day 2023: The cream rises to the top

There’s an old saying that the cream eventually rises to the top. Check out yesterday’s NRLW and NRL Grand Finals to see the proof.

NRL and NRLW Grand Finals – Hot favourites, worthy challengers

The Penrith Panthers and the Newcastle Knights go into the NRL and NRLW Grand Finals as hot favourites to lift their respective titles. But who can deny that that Brisbane Broncos and the Gold Titans are worthy challengers? Ian Hauser previews this weekend’s Grand Finals.

NRL Finals Week 3 and NRLW Finals Week 1: The finalists all get what they deserve!

The NRL and NRLW Preliminary Finals feature the teams that deserve to be there but confidently picking winners remains a challenge. Ian Hauser tries to sort out his thinking.

NRL Finals Week 2 and NRLW Round 9: Enthralling!

After last weekend’s enthralling rugby league matches, Ian Hauser goes looking for his winners in Week 2 of the NRL finals and Round 9 of the NRLW.

NRL Week 1 Finals and NRLW Round 8: Going with the rankings

It’s the pointy end of the NRL season while the pressure is on in the NRLW for finals spots. Ian Hauser offers his thoughts ahead of a big weekend in rugby league.

NRL Round 27 and NRLW Round 7: Rubbed out, left out and a break out

Another crazy week in rugby league – kicked out, sitting out and breaking out! Ian Hauser surveys the scene.

NRL Round 26 and NRLW Round 6: And then there were ten

Three teams are battling it out for the last spot in the NRL finals. Ian Hauser offers his thoughts on how it might pan out.

NRL Round 25 and NRLW Round 5: Eight into four won’t go!

12 teams in contention; 8 finals places; three rounds to play. That’s a recipe for exciting footy in the NRL. And the NRLW ladder is looking congested too. Ian Hauser talks us through this weekend’s rugby league.

NRL Round 24 and NRLW Round 4: Penrith and daylight in the NRL but it’s through a glass darkly in the NRLW

  Artwork courtesy of John Campbell   It’s hard to imagine that, based on recent form, anyone can stop the Panthers from a threepeat of premierships. They just seem to be able to cover any and all challenges thrown their way. Bellamy’s comments after his Storm were almost easily defused last weekend are pertinent simply [Read more]

NRL Round 22 and NRLW Round 2: The Fast and the Furious

Both the NRL and the NRLW looked like footy’s version of The Fast and the Furious last weekend. Our rugby league writer Ian Hauser is struggling to keep pace with it all!

NRL Round 21 and NRLW Round 1: A short road to the finals

The run into the NRL finals and the start of the 2023 NRLW season means a feast of footy in the next 12 weeks! Ian Hauser tries to find his winners.