Almanac Rugby League – NRL Finals Week 1 + NRLW Round 1

After the most even breakdown of finalists in years, the NRL Finals get underway tonight. It’s a brave person who thinks they can pick the winners! Here’s our attempt to do just that at The Almanac.

Almanac Rugby League – Five Metre Gap: NRL Round 26

Round 26 saw the Storm ensconced in first place so the ladder interest was around which team would get fourth spot (and secure a double-chance in the finals) plus who would finish eighth with three sides jostling for two places heading into the weekend.

Almanac Rugby League – Five Metre Gap: NRL Finals Week Two, 2016

Hamish Neal and his regular five metre gap looks at the points you may have missed from the second weekend of the NRL finals.

An Innocent Abroad

Jason McNeil journeyed down from Brisbane for a sporting weekend. He got both the Cats and the Storm beaten within 24 hours. Harms has had him deported and Dips has withdrawn his passport. Jason is a welcome addition to Almanac ranks.

Almanac Rugby League – The finals for the small-minded

Your team has missed the finals. Maybe again. Maybe for the first time in years. Either way, it hurts. You can switch off altogether and pretend not to give a damn. But, its rugby league, you love it, and that means there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy the footy over the next few weeks. [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – The fairytale continues

For a lot of people the main focus of this game involves Wayne Bennett and Darren Lockyer. The pair established a strong relationship when Bennett coached at the Broncos, slotting him in at fullback early in his career before moving him to five-eighth – and moulding him into an international in both positions. But more [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Don’t panic

I’m not a betting man, but if I was I’d say my game would be omen betting. As tactics go, it’s probably questionable at best, but given my lack of allegiances as I settled in to watch the Tigers take on the Warriors on Friday night I had absolutely nothing else to go on. I [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – A clinical win, an expected loss

The Knights hadn’t beaten the Storm in Melbourne for seven years and despite Melbourne losing their last two matches of the regular season, this Knights fan was pretty confident of another loss being added to that record. The first fifteen minutes was fairly back and forth. The Knights looked to exploit Melbourne’s up and in [Read more]