Almanac Rugby League – 2015 NRL Season In Review

Brutus reviews the 2015 NRL season in verse

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Finals Week 2: Roosters v Bulldogs – Video killed the Rugby League show

The use of the video referee has Wayne Ball clucking mad as the Roosters unslip the Dogs of War. What is going on?

Almanac Rugby League – Finals Week 1: The Dogs of war find a golden point miracle

In the world of the NRL the Bulldogs actually get up in an elimination final thriller. Did Richard Branson get on the wrong Dogs?

Almanac Rugby League – It’s Hot at Pepper Stadium

The NRL season kicked off [no pun intended. – Ed] this weekend, with Souths beginning their 2015 where they left off last season by belting the Broncos, the Tigers and the Titans had ‘the close one’ and Ricky Stuart’s Raiders took the points at the Shire. Back from Auckland, Wayne Ball headed to the ‘Riff to see if the Panthers could get out of the blocks with some points against the tough-as-nails Bulldogs.