Tits, Tips, Trailer Trash & The Truth

Peter Baulderstone offers suggested reading of the best articles from the international sporting web. The title is just bait and switch marketing. This is the sort of stuff that Litza used to write before Rupert’s $ seduced him.

New Books in Sports

John Harms is interviewed as part of this 2 hour podcast by the amazing New Books in Sports network. There are interviews with biography and memoir authors from all over the world, coming at different sports from crazy diverse angles. Do yourself a favour and check out the links attached.

US podcast shines spotlight on The Footy Almanac

Phil Dimitriadis and Hannah Kuhar featured recently on the US podcast, New Books in Sports, as part of the popular program’s summer series. The pair gave a US audience an insight into the evolving Junior Almanac and its importance as an outlet for budding writers.