Almanac Music: Neil Young and Crazy Horse @ JazzFest 2024.

Neil Young is one of Col’s all time favourites and to see him perform with Crazy Horse at JazzFest 2024 in New Orleans was a real treat and one of the highlights of the festival.

Almanac Music: Not Quite Bob – in fact not really Bob at all but, you know … Guitar

What a cracker from Trevor Blainey this week in his ‘Not Quite Bob’ series! Or should we say not quite Bob as he shares a selection of his favourite guitarists.

Almanac Music: Neil Young revisited

After a dash of Neil Young from Col Ritchie earlier in the week, Ian Hauser responds with his memories.

Almanac Music: Neil Young – Happy birthday!

To celebrate Neil Young’s 76th birthday last week, enjoy three of Col Ritchie’s favourite songs by Neil.

Almanac Music: Neil Young

In Matt Zurbo’s continuing musical adventures he recalls the opportunity he had to interview Neil Young for his sister’s rock magazine.

Desert Island Discs – Follow up: “shivers down your spine”

Neil Young’s guitar solo in “Like a Hurricane” is a favourite part of the song that sends shivers down Col’s back when he hears it. What sends shivers down your back?

Almanac Music (Stereo Stories): Neil Young

Damian Balassone nominates his all-time favourite Neil Young song via a yarn about share-houses, possums’ arses, grunge and Dixons second-hand record store in Blackburn.

Neil Young. Markus Zusak. Stereo Story.

Which Neil Young song has helped Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, get words on the page for his next book, a novel that has been a dozen years in the making?

Tennis and Eternity

Under the glorious elms at Yarrawonga, Dips ponders the essentials of life; generational change and mortality, tennis, music, and realising, as Shakespeare wrote, that “life is but a walking shadow.”

Almanac Music: Top 10 songs that Bob has “butchered”

DAM is back and thinking controversially. If you accept the premise that Bob Dylan is a butcher – what are his 10 greatest crimes against music?

How to Watch Footy, Part 2

Vin Maskell does thing at a delightful, meandering pace, bu takes everything in nonetheless as this account of a Williamstown game demonstrates.