Hey AFL, if you really want to change the rules, here’s one!

The head count is a rule from the past and almost ruined two finals on the weekend. It’s time for change

Round 8 – GWS v Collingwood: Road trip

Gill had a road trip to Spotless Stadium for a tour of the stadium and then watched his team grab the win in the final seconds.

Another First for Women in AFL

This piece was originally published in 2013. Anne Cahill Lambert tells us about the achievements of her niece and other women in winning coaching positions in senior men’s clubs in the major State Leagues (VFL, WAFL and NEAFL). Apparently one of the problems with women footballers is that they talk a lot. They are welcome at Almanac lunches at any time.

AFL National Reserves Competition?

The success of the Crows has Rulebook hopping mad. Yes, read on, he’s serious about AFL reserves sides compromising state leagues

Finals Week 1 – Sydney v GWS: The Best Weekend Yet

Steve Duffy experienced the ultimate Giant Footy weekend, beating the Swans in the Qualifying Final and in the NEAFL Grand Final, doesn’t get much better.

No footy this weekend? I saw plenty when SWANZ took a trip to Rooty Hill.

Jan Courtin made the trip to Rooty Hill to watch the Swans Reserves in the NEAFL and qualify for next week’s Grand Final against the Giants.

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The 2015 Kel Carruthers Cup

Earl’s back with his 2015 wrap of the sporting year. Was he born out of time?

Round 19 – GWS v Essendon: The Sound of Drums

In arguably Australia’s multicultural heartland, Steve Duffy immerses himself in a celebration of the game’s diversity and gets to celebrate a comprehensive Giants win for good measure.

Almanac Unicycling: On the National Championships, Davis Cup, NEAFL and Phil Walsh

Unicycle hockey? Anne Cahill-Lambert heads to Darwin to watch this unique sport, and also catches a game of footy in which her niece is involved as an assistant coach. And, in this general sports chat, ACL comments on the grief of the Phil Walsh tragedy.

NEAFL – Suns versus Redlands June 14

Author and Suns supporter Parsimony went to watch some NEAFL action between the Suns Reserves and the Redlands but it was an incident in the U/19’s game that was the most interesting part of the day.

Remembering Talent Lost

Wesley Hull ponders the intersection of talent and fate.

Ten best state league performances from AFL players

Which young Swan racked up a cool 64 touches back in Round 8? Which former GWS player averages 12 tackles per game (yes 12) in the VFL? Jackson Clark gives us the low-down on state league fantasy football stats.