Weekend Reading: Deflategate, the Worst Question in Sports and Cambridge United

Some great reading to get your teeth into over the Australia Day long weekend.

[Cambridge United have just held Man U to a 0-0 draw at Abbey – replay at Old Trafford.]

Aussie Rules

Bill Simmons “the Sports Guy” and Editor-in-Chief of Grantland (the world’s biggest sporting website) has come up with a system for deciding the MVP in the NBA. A Chicago reader pointed out that it is the same system used for the Brownlow Medal in “the best sport on earth”. Bill thinks Australia is pretty cool.

NBA Finals – My Crystal Ball

Raj Singh thinks this has been one of the great NBA playoff series of all time. His crystal ball tell him the final will come down to a replay of last year’s Spurs v Heat, but it will be tight.

NBA finals: Merciless Beasts

In the dying moments of the NBA finals, Archie Butterfly witnesses the cruelty of the sports gods in Tim Duncan’s ‘Sarajevo moment’.

Basketball: For this Lakers fan, it’s all in the timing

By Brad Carr Many of sport’s moments come down to an element of being ‘in the right place at the right time’. An adage that has proved true for many players, occasionally it holds for a supporter also. I’ve followed the Los Angeles Lakers since 1988. At that time, when basketball was in its Australian [Read more]