Australia v West Indies – MCG Test, Day 2: When conversation is the highlight

Citrus Bob Utber catches up with David Wilson (E. Regnans) at the MCG, as they observe the Australian dominance.

Australia v West Indies – First Test, Day 2: Long-sleeve pullovers only

Not many cricket lovers turned up on a freezing cold day a Blundstone Arena which had Citrus Bob Utber shivering and asking for a Manuka Test match.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test: The New is Old is New again

New, old, new, new, old, old, new, new, old, new, new, old and new. Sharp observations from Joseph Ryan who visited Adelaide for the Test.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 2: When the going gets tough, Australia gets lucky

John Butler suggests that indiscreet batting was the major contributor to the fall of wickets on Day 2 of the Adelaide Test.

Hazlewood, not Lee… Selectors. Media. Groupthink. Ageism.

CrankyPete wants to know your ideal selection for the Australian bowling attack. He’s gotten the ball rolling with a BIG call…

The Ashes 2015 – First Test, Day Three: Lions Still Hold the Whip Hand

Citrus Bob Utber’s report on Day Three of the First Test only just arrived at Almanac HQ. In it, Citrus Bob discusses the walk to the ground, entry to the ground, and the food available at the ground. He also discusses the day’s cricket for good measure. Thanks to Peter Lalor for ensuring that this report arrived at all!

The Ashes 2015 – First Test, Day 1: No more pasties, plenty of pies

The Welsh served their pasties, the Australians bowled pies. Citrus Bob Utber got a taste of all of it.

The Ashes 2015 – First Test: N’yuck! N’yuck! N’yuck!

JTH is slapping himself about the face on this one. Here he argues that Watto must play, and that the boy from Ipswich is, by nature, a bowler.

Australia in West Indies 2015 and what to do about England: Wonderland

So many stories… with the Australians conquering the Windies, we look on towards the looming Ashes series – but who of the current squad will only look on?

Adelaide Test, Australia v India, Day Five : Rulebook’s (W)rap

Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood wraps up yet another exhilarating conclusion to an Adelaide Test match.

Lou’s Latest

Lou has a crack at high performance coaches and sends a fruiterer’s warning to Sachin.

The agony of the off-spin bowler

John Harms celebrates Nathan Lyon’s wonderful summer by looking at the things all off-spinners deal with every waking moment.

First Test, Pakistan v Australia (Dubai) – Day 1: Daal biryani

E. Regnans conversational report on Day1 of the First Test.

Ashes Review: Over no. 78 and the Seinfeld moment – how an over of nothing told us everything about the series.

Perceptive analysis from Sean Curtain who analyses the over in which England did less than nothing, thereby symbolising their five test ‘effort’.

Gabba Test – Day 2: The beauty of Test cricket

Australia 295 (BJ Haddin 94) & 0/65 v England 136 (MG Johnson 4/61, RJ Harris 3/28) A stunning hour of play where Australia took 6 English wickets for just 9 runs has turned a Test match and maybe a series on its head. At 2/82 England had work to do but were seemingly in control [Read more]

Third Test – Day 3: Is it possible to like KP?

John Harms spends the night on the couch to see the Australians fight it out, and does not change his view of Kevin Pietersen.

India v Australia – Second Test: Two Spinners Please

John Harms thinks a second spinner is essential in Hyderabad, not that it is likely to make much of a difference.

Second Test: preview

John Harms thinks Australia cannot win this Test match.