Almanac Footy: Eight things I like about Freo

Citrus Bob Utber casts his maritime eye over the Freo Dockers.

Almanac Teams: Seventh Heaven (1980- )

We forge ahead with Rodney Boyd’s series of teams; this week’s side has the best Number 7s to don the jumper since 1980(ish) and a first time selection of two players from the same team.

Round 1 Preview: Another year for the Tiger?

Huge return from Sal who gives us his thoughts on:
– the season
– Round 1
– the weekend’s races, including The Golden Slipper
– the Ammos

WAFL Round 18: Thunder mirror Dockers in strange WA footy week

Fremantle Dockers had a topsy turvy sort of week with the bad Derby loss to West Coast but managed to re-sign Fyfe for a few years. Round 18 of the WAFL also took place as finals draw closer.

2015: what have we learned?

Fearless looks back on the sporting year of 2015.

Almanac Art: ‘Four of the Best’ by Susan Sutton

‘Four of the Best’ is artist Susan Sutton’s painting depicting the 2015 AFL finals series. It is available for purchase.

Junior Almanac – Thank You

Young Josh Coales has impressed a few of us this year with his love of writing. Or, to be more precise, his love of writing about the Purple Haze. As the 2015 season comes to a close, Josh pens an open letter of thanks to everyone at The Footy Almanac.

The Nathan Fyfe Appreciation Day holiday

A wonderful reflection on the career (to date) of one Fyfe, N. A skinny kid from Lake Grace who has blossomed into a bona-fide great of the game from a Dockers fan embedded behind enemy lines in Victoria.

Ultimate Wool Team: Western Australia

Here’s the WA team based on nominations that have come in this season, and earlier. Please argue for changes (as the South Australians have been doing). And add any further nominations. There’s quite a few nominations of footballers who MAY have an association with wool. If you can shed any light on these please do by adding a comment.

Pretty good side I’d have to say!

Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Young Dogs give Dockers a scare

Dylan Bolch, who is 14 years old, makes his Almanac debut capturing all the tension of the Bulldogs-Dockers game on Sunday. [Lively piece thanks Dylan – Ed]

Analysis: The Trouble with Fremantle

You can always do better, says Les Everett, even when you are two games clear after Round 6. Here’s where the improvement might come from.

Round 1 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: Big wheels start rollin’

Long-time Dockers fan (and author of Fremantle Dockers: An illustrated history) Les Everett takes the bus up the freeway to see his boys lock horns with Port in an intense battle.

Round 20 Preview – Take a whiff of this!

The top four looks increasingly settled so the logjam for positions 5-8 will be the main focus for Round 20… speaking of focus, what is going on with the Match Review Panellists implementing the system?

AFL Round 2 – Fremantle v Gold Coast: Aunty Mary

A good win for your team covers all sins. John Burmej finds it in his heart to forgive son Nicholas for forgetting to pack the jacket on the first rainy day in Perth for 4 months. Nat Fyfe brings a smile to all faces.

Dockerland Diagrams

They may be disappointed, but these gems from the Dockerland website show that Freo fans have retained their sense of humour.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Fremantle: A long day

Standing on the Gary Ablett Terrace on Saturday, Stephen Cooke thought Fremantle had ended Geelong’s premiership chances. Now, he’s looking forward to squaring up in the Grand Final.

AFL Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Freo comes to play (yes, in Melbourne)

Freo are in a good groove, and the dogs are definitely on the up, writes Neil Belford.

Le Tenia

This morning the sunlight awoke me and I immediately felt uneasy. I was too rested- had I slept through my alarm? Ah. Daylight savings. Then it crept through, that splinter in the ribcage. That splinter that sticks when you roll over on it in bed and remember that your sweetheart has left you or your dog has [Read more]