Almanac Lunches: Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch Review

It was another classic Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch full of stories old and new, good humour and laughter, and camaraderie that celebrates all that is the Almanac family.

Almanac Country Footy: Yeppoon victorious!

They’ve done it! The Yeppoon Swans are in the history books after a heady grand final weekend that saw them keep an astonishing streak alive.

(Melbourne) Launch of “More of the Kangaroo” by Murray Bird and Greg Parker (April 11)

Murray Bird and Greg Parker will discuss their book , “More of the Kangaroo” a detailed history of Australian Football in Queensland, in conversation with John Harms at the Melbourne launch on Thursday 11 April at the North Fitzroy Arms.

“More of the Kangaroo: 150 Years of Australian Football in Queensland”- You’re invited to the launch

After over a decade of research, Greg Parker and Murray Bird will be launching their book “More of the Kangaroo” at the Coorparoo FC, on the 11th December.

“More of the Kangaroo: 150 Years of Australian Football in Queensland 1866 – 2016” New book release and launch details

Details of the new book release from Murray Bird and Greg Parker recounting the history of Australian Rules Football in Queensland over the last 150 years.

More of the Kangaroo, 150 Years of Australian Football in Queensland – 1866 to 2016 by Murray Bird and Greg Parker

Australian football has a long history in Queensland. Murray Bird and Greg Parker are about to release their well-researched, colourful record of the game at the local level in the Sunshine State.

Almanac Sponsorship: The Interchanger App

The Interchanger App is a game changer for local footy clubs keen to keep their time management and stats in order. The Interchanger app is the latest sponsor of The Footy Almanac.

Grand Final Preview: Sal’s predictions, and thoughts about other sports as well.

For all thoughts in football, cricket, rugby, and horseracing, Sal has all the tips for you.

Almanac Lunch – Friday 29th July with Bill Deller and Murray Bird

Join Percy and the Almanackers for lunch with umpires Bill Deller and Murray Bird this Friday. Read on for full details.

Footy History: 150th anniversary of footy in Queensland (and how you can really help)

Murray Bird is a fine story-teller. His work combines the rigour of his academic training with the creativity of his writing. His colleagues, Greg Parker and the crew at Queensland Australian Football Forensics, bring an array of talents, skills and experience to their cause. And the cause is a very good one. They are writing a history of footy in Queensland to be published for the 150th anniversary in 2016. You can help in a number of ways. Please see how.

Book Review: Queensland’s footy origins worth cheering about

Harold Peacock reviews Murray Bird’s book of Queensland footy history “Athenians and Red Invincibles” and finds it a winner on all fronts.

Athenians and Red Invincibles: Murray Bird’s ABC interview; Brisbane and Melbourne book launch details

Murray Bird was recently interviewed by Steve Austin on 612 ABC Brisbane about his new book on the origins of Australian footy in Queensland. The Melbourne launch is on June 18; Brisbane launch is June 11.

Footy History: Frank Ivory

Frank Ivory was Australia’s best Indigenous footballer in any code in the late nineteenth century. And he was a Queenslander, as Murray Bird explains in this extract from his book Athenians and Red Invincibles: The Origins of football in Queensland (to be launched on June 18 at 6pm at the Royal Melbourne Hotel.

Footy Town: The Swine

Enjoy this excerpt of Murray Bird’s story, The Swine, from Footy Town.