Crio’s Question: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Cricket Australia, Murali, spin-coach, laws of cricket…? Your thoughts…?

Crio’s Q: chuckers and all who (don’t) sail with them?

A rare Sri Lankan visit to the MCG revives memories of Darrel Hair’s bravery and its implications. I’m in the “Murali chucks and is a blight on the game” camp. I refuse to ever watch him throw. A gutless ICC created a monster. Now Boof Lehmann has tagged Marlon Samuels as a chucker. Johan Botha, [Read more]

The Big Bash: Just a slight change in the direction of the summer

John Harms looks at how the BBL is very AFL and 21st century.

Murali v Swanny

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