Almanac Book Review: ‘Stories for Harry & Ray’ by Michael Sexton

Swish has had a read of Mike Sexton’s latest book ‘Stories for Harry & Ray’. He recommends it highly in this review.

Almanac Books: ‘Stories for Harry & Ray’ – Michael Sexton

‘Stories for Harry & Ray’ by Michael Sexton is a collection of yarns about sportspeople he has gathered over many years and is now available for purchase.

Almanac Boxing: Bigger than big – The Fighting Fury

There will never be another Muhammad Ali – but are we seeing the next best thing in Tyson Fury, writes Ron Reed.

Tiger Woods: Sport’s Greatest Comeback?

In the lead-up to the US Masters which starts tonight, we revisit Peter Baulderstone’s reflection on Tiger Woods’ win at the 2019 US Masters and how he has risen from the ashes of personal and physical betrayals. He tries to rank where it fits with the great comeback stories of Ali, Seles, Laver, Bradman, Hogan and Watson. (Simply brilliant! – Ed.)

The Thread’s Broken (RIP Sisto)

You need only be in Pellegrini’s for a moment to know Sisto loved his customers. This was obvious to everyone including Adam Fox as he reflects upon an icon within an icon.

Almanac Soccer – World Cup 2018: Power and dissent

Brin questions whether there is a role for the political within sports as two Swiss players face a sanction from FIFA.

AFL International Cup Day One: Dancing and smiling, wind and rain

International Cup editor Jack Banister caught up on three games on Sunday as the competition kicked off. The mix of cultures and styles made for a powerful experience despite the weather trying to put a spoiler on things.

Year-ender: The A to Z of sport in 2016

Hamish Neal takes an alphabetical approach in his review of 2016. This will remind you of how much happens in a year.

Almanac Cricket: Gary Sobers at 80

Sir Gary Sobers turns 80 and Neil Drysdale shares his experience in meeting the great man.

Almanac Boxing: Et tu, Brute?

Harold Peacock reveals an historical perspective on Peter Jackson, The World’s Greatest boxer, buried in Roma Qld.

Irish bareknuckle Paddy Monaghan, the petition and Muhammad Ali

Neil Drysdale with a heartening story of the relationship between Dublin’s bareknuckle boxing champion Paddy Monaghan and Muhammad Ali, which lasted well beyond the Vietnam petition that forged it. “He said ‘Paddy, you don’t realise how much you’ve helped me, but can you help me one more time? I’m over here for Ovaltine: what the hell is Ovaltine?’ “

Billy Crystal’s ‘Fifteen Rounds’

Billy Crystal’s tribute to Muhammad Ali [Thanks to Peter Baulderstone for alerting us to this – JTH]

Muhammad Ali and Parkinson, the Interviews

In a tribute to Muhammad Ali, here is a selection of interviews conducted by Michael Parkinson

Ali: Boxer, campaigner, doodler

Hamish Neal was aware of Muhammad Ali’s boxing career and in the past two days discovered more about the man and legend.

Muhammad Ali: In Louisville, he’s finally The Greatest

Glenn Brownstein has returned from Australia to his home near Louisville, Kentucky, where you might guess what the top story is.

Round 11 Review – The 2016 Charles Liston Cup

Somehow Earl O’Neill has managed to segue from Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali into Round 11 results with his inimitable style.

Once Were Warriors – Remembering Muhammad Ali

Peter Baulderstone remembers Muhammad’s Ali life as it unfolded and his impact in changing the culture and attitudes in the 60s.

Muhammad Ali

Neil Drysdale pens a wonderful tribute to the late, great Muhammad Ali. Add your Ali tributes and memories.